What our Participants Say

Leading for Success 10-day Consortium Program

'A great combination of theory and strategic thinking. A great refresher on overall management and thorough case.'

Ms. Jo Shum, General Manager, Lighting Commercial, Philips Electronics (HK) Ltd

High Potentials Leadership 5-day Consortium Program

'Wonderful and impressive, I have truly enjoyed and have learnt tremendously from not just all the great speakers but also from my team.'

Dr. Michelle Cheung Wong, Consultant, Family Medicine & Primary Healthcare, Hong Kong East Cluster, Hospital Authority

Managerial Decision Making and Leadership Program

'It completely helps & changes the way of thinking we used to be. Traps we are unaware, new way to find out & solve problem, guide us to use the right tools to decision making. Focus on goals & baseline.'

Ms. Dara Tsui, General Merchandise Manager, VF Asia Ltd

Leading Change Program

'Enriching and great program that led you to think that change is beneficial to the progress of individuals and company.'

Miss Theresa Yeo, Sourcing Product Manager, C&A Sourcing

Effective Negotiations Program

'Learning opportunities with fun, enjoyment and real practicalities!'

Mr. Teruce Yuen, Global Legal and Compliance Director, SML Group Ltd

Corporate Innovation and Growth Program

'Combine academic and practical knowledge together. Have a good time for my own reflection.'

Mr. Addison Leung, Director, Finance, AGENDA (HK) Ltd

Strategic Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers Program

'This course indeed gives me an eyes wide open opportunity on financial management which helps my daily work a lot. Professional facility and nice environment, relevant case studies do help the studies worth to recommend to all senior management.'

Ms. Zenobia Chan, Head of OF, OKIA Optical Co Ltd

Competitive Positioning Program

'This course is great for business leaders who would want to break into new markets or category as it would help them understand who to position their products or services to meet customers' needs.'

Mr. Kolawole Munir Osinowo, Business Manager - Ghana, Microsoft Devices Group

Wealth and Asset Management Program

'I have taken many investment short courses throughout the years. This course is by far the best. I only wish I had taken it earlier during my investment journey.'

Dr. Lawrence Wong, Retiring Chief Executive, The Hong Kong Jockey Club